Answers: The Power of Meditation!


I have been having the hardest time making decisions lately.

The biggest one at the moment;

Should I stay or should I go now?

All lyrical puns aside, I have not been able to decide whether or not I want to go to University in California this year, or defer it, and spend another year in my magical little mountain town. I have been going back and forth, back and forth for a couple months now. On my drive home from town (I wasn’t even thinking about that situation) I was all the sudden struck with a thought that sounded like my voice..but it was just so completely random that it shocked me. It just said I’m deferring.


Got home, had second thoughts, forgot about the issue… What’s new?

But during tonight’s meditation, I asked any Masters or Spirit Guides to speak to me. At first..



Then I asked again; for any information that I might need at this moment.

I hadn’t even finished the word “moment.” – when I was interrupted with,


Stay. Stay. Stay. Stay.

It was so clear. Even though my logical brain has kicked back in and is wondering if that was really what happened and if I really should stay… (My logical brain has been telling me to ‘go’ lately).

But I know deep down in my heart of hearts that I need to stay. After all, that’s what I was told. Who am I to go against what the Masters suggest when it could only bring me happiness, or bring me to fulfill something here that I wouldn’t otherwise should I leave?

Should I stay or should I go, now?

I think I’m going to stay.



The Joy of Joy!

With the weather being beyond perfect (and I really mean, BEYOND PERFECT; perfectly vibrant sun, slight breeze, animals and children playing and gardening), I just CANNOT force myself to stay inside. Thursday and Friday morning I had been in a downward slump, until that is, I saw the glorious sun beckoning me through my window. I immediately took my copy of All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarden and plopped myself down in the grass (Highly recommend that book, by the way. I have cried tears of pure happiness multiple occasions throughout the chapters.) After reading and gardening for a couple of hours, I realized I needed to workout. But there was no way I could make myself go to a stuffy gym full of recycled air and judgmental eyes, so I decided to go for a run through the woods in my neighborhood. On my way home, I was just so struck with joy and just pure love, I started skipping. I skipped shamelessly the whole way home, and it was awesome. I’m not completely oblivious; I saw the stares from teenagers and adults alike. The kids, however, just smiled, silently cheering me on, knowing the joy that skipping brings the soul.

And quite frankly, I don’t think people skip enough in today’s society.

This morning, I rose for an early morning bike ride by the river and man was it beautiful. I had a big smile plastered on my face out of pure gratitude of the wonderfully cleansing air we breathe. I rode, swerving through the road (my way of “bike-skipping”) and singing on the top of my lungs, “DANCING IN THE MOOOONLIGHT, EVERYBODY’S FEELING WARM AND BRIGHT IT’S SUCH A FINE AND NATURAL SIGHT.” 

Again, the same stares. From all but the children.

So if I could give anybody any advice, it’s this;

Go outside. Skip. Breathe. Sing. Smile. Laugh.

Don’t worry about the stares. Smile. And keep on skippin’ on.


It makes me sad to see so much depression. Let’s forget about towns, cities, whole countries, for the moment and zoom in on a personal level. People to people. So many people suffer from depression. Especially young adults. And when I see such depression, and how the pharmaceutical companies are making BILLIONS by exploiting these people, making them take drugs, that often leave them dependent upon those drugs, and/or in a worse state to begin with. When I see this depression, I can’t help but become sad. Because I think.. Don’t they know? Don’t they know that they could change it all. They could be the happy, vibrant beings they were meant to be. They could do it themselves, forget the drugs, leave the pain. 

It’s all so simple. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” –Buddha.

People often take that (and statements like that) with a grain of salt.. Oh, sure.. If I think positively.. everything will just magically become perfect. For the moment, maybe. Until I can no longer keep up the facade.

That’s the thing; every second of every day.. the universal consciousness is swirling and twirling and conspiring to give you exactly. what. you. think.

Thoughts emit frequencies, waves… The universe picks up on those waves, and sends back more things (experiences, happenings, people..) who match those frequencies. Radiate low, depressed, sad thoughts and frequencies.. that is what you get back. This has been shown and proven. So if you’re not spiritual. There are many scientific studies to back this up. Think negatively, you will forever get stuck in that rut.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Literally. That simple.

In the Alchemist, Paulo Coelho writes, When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.

That is put perfectly. The whole world conspires to give you what you want, what you wish for (what you’re emitting) even if you’re thinking …I hate life.. That’s what the universe hears, and conspires to give you.

I’ve written too much on negativity now.. But that’s the gist of it. And the fabulous thing is that it works both ways! Instead of keeping yourself in a negative rut, you can literally manifest anything you want into your reality. Into real, tangible experiences.


(so long as it doesn’t control the will of or cause harm to others..)

(( can in a way manipulate the will of others..but that will come back to bite you in the ass, I guarantee it. ))

So don’t aim to manipulate others. Manifest. Manifest your life into the best life you could possibly live.

Breathe. Love. Receive.

My First Faerie Encounter

ImageNow that it’s getting dark and far too cold to go outside and hang out with faeries, I remembered my first ever time seeing faeries, and thought I’d re-tell it. It was a crisp, but deliciously warm summer night. I was on the beach with a couple of friends, just hanging out. As the night was winding down, I decided to break away from our group and go for a walk on the shoreline by myself…The moon was big and bright, and as I’m walking and looking at the water: I see them. Glittering and glowing, and dancing around in the water. At first, my logical brain tried to debunk it, “no way! that’s not possible.” I told myself they were simply those little bio-luminescent sea creatures. Very logical. I told myself that, but I didn’t believe it. So, I decided, why not test it out.. I said stated very clearly, and set intentions to let these beings know that I loved them, and would not do any harm whatsoever. As I bent down, I could tell that it wasn’t phosphorus.. (Growing up around water, I can spot out phosphorus like nobody’s business. These beings, however, were different entirely.) I bent down and said hello, and they began to vanish… Ok, I thought… maybe it was just a sea creature.. But I decided to ask them directly, instead. I then said, “Faeries, please come back. Come back and let me see you.” I said those words and radiated pure, loving light from my heart chakra.. And as soon as I said “come back, let me see you” …

Yep. They came back. There were about 5-8 of them dancing in the moonlight. I knew in my heart of hearts, in that place where intuitions reigns supreme (and is usually always right!) that these were faeries.. I could feel the connection and knew. To pacify my left brain, I continued “testing”; I continued talking to them, and as they continued to respond, I knew there was no way I could debate it. I felt it, I saw it. It was real. This is happening! I can’t believe it. I’m actually seeing and interacting with faeries!! 

So that was one of my first, biggest, paradigm shift-ers and breakers.. Unbelievable interacting with the magical world! ♥ One of my most awesome experiences to date.

Quote of the Day: “Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.”

Image This quote holds an immeasurable amount of truth. Today I am rejoicing in the magic (literal. real. unbelievable. magic) all around and reading “Journal of a Starseed” by the amazingly beautiful Starseed and Lightworker, Charis Melina Brown. Highly, highly, highly, recommended! Anyways, I’ve been reading and meditating pretty much all day now and it’s really unblocked and “defunked” (yes. that is now a word) my auric energy field. Being unblocked and clear, I can again see more clearly the magic which thrives in our natural world. The trees, glowing and radiating their pure, beautiful white light, breathing and moving with the wind. The sun, giving a pure, golden light of love and warmth, bringing Spring into being. ♥ And I cannot forget the birds. Hawks in particular.. These days those guys have been checking me out and following me around constantly! The world is such a beautiful, magical place, brimming with mind blowing, paradigm shifting things. Once we break those society-placed shackles and see the real true world; the light emanating from the trees, the faeries dancing in the woods, all the angels, the world is a much more fun place. Or so I think. 🙂
But, if you don’t believe its all there, waiting to be discovered, you will never see it. That’s why children so often see faeries, angels, mermaids, wood nymphs etc..and we don’t! As adults, we have blocked ourselves from the magical world since we’ve become so obsessed with pushing papers, making money, having the seemingly perfect, All-American family, blah blah BLAH. 

So today, open your eyes to the magic.

Go outside. Believe. Breathe. Receive.